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Our many years of experience in the asset-raising industry taught us a few things. Primarily, that the correlation between returns and successful funding are only as good as the marketing materials that convey them – and good design sells. Data can be dry, and sometimes confusing, and the difference between good and bad design can make or break a fund or emerging manager. Effectively presenting information to potential investors is key to any fund’s success, but often the presentation is last on everyone’s list of priorities – which is a critical mistake. Alpha Designed can help create marketing tools that clearly illustrate your advantage and define your niche. Let our experience in the industry make your job easier by providing you with marketing materials that best tell your story and differentiate you from the competition.


One of the contributing factors to the success of Alpha Designed is our team. As professionals in the alternative asset space for over 23 years, we have worked with both managers and investors on a daily basis. This is what makes us uniquely qualified as a marketing firm. Alpha Designed is simply unmatched in providing a seamless experience in defining the unique identities of our clients and helping to convey them to their clients.