Web Design & Development

Research shows that it takes just 2.6 seconds for the brain to trigger a response to the content of your message. Does your eCommerce website pass the test for both Desktop and Mobile?

Whether you need a simple eCommerce website or a complex one, Alpha Designed can deliver. We are highly skilled in advanced programming technologies such as PHP and JS, which gives us the ability to incorporate advanced functionality into your new Online Store.

Web Hosting

Alpha Designed provides scalable website hosting with top-tier security and related system services for our clients. With Alpha Designed hosting, you can focus on the fun part of eCommerce while putting the day-to-day management and technical requirements in our hands. We guarantee 99% network uptime and premium quality bandwidth.

Alpha Designed also provides comprehensive performance monitoring including server health maintenance and tracking.

Comprehensive Security

Alpha Designed websites utilize industry standards SSL technology to ensure that online payment information is collected without sensitive data ever hitting your website.